Top Tips New Caravanners Need to Know

Congratulations, you have decided to take your first trip in a caravan. It’s an exciting time of freedom, fun, and the thrill of a new experience, but it’s also a big step and towing a caravan is more difficult than it looks.

If you are about to embark on your first trip in a caravan we have put together a few handy tips to ensure you have a smooth journey and a stress-free, enjoyable holiday!

1.     Caravan checklist

As with anything you do for the first time it is important to know and have all the essential items for towing and staying in your caravan. The essentials include a towing aid that is right for your vehicle plus a fire extinguisher, wheel chocks, caravan jack, sway control device, towing mirrors, extra coolant and oil, a spare fan belt, and insulation tape.

2.     Before you set off

      Prepare a safety checklist that you run through before you set off on a journey including:-

·       Fit the tow aid correctly

·       Secure loose items, drawers and cupboards

·       Lock doors and windows

·       Remove wheel chocks and jockey wheel

·       Raise the caravan steps

·       Connect lights and check they are operational

·       Check tyre pressures are correct

·       Turn off the  gas and disconnect the electrics

·       Remove water and waste water supplies

3.     Stay safe on the road 

·       Plan your route

·       Reduce your speed

·       Take extra care in high winds and exposed areas

·       Make an early start to avoid heavy rush hour traffic

4.      When you arrive at your destination

Working as a team, when parking and setting up the caravan, is important. Again it is worth thinking through what needs to be done to secure the caravan on your pitch. Remember everything gets easier with practise

5.     Living in a confined space

It is worth remembering that you will be limited on space in a caravan so don’t over pack and have a place for everything so it is easier to keep the caravan tidy and free of clutter.


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