Top tips for installing a TV in your caravan for the 2018 World Cup

So, you let your wife or partner book a summer break in your caravan or motorhome in June and July before fully checking the sporting calendar - schoolboy error - the World Cup is on this summer and you now have to come up with a way of watching all the matches without your loved one thinking you love football more than you love her.

You know deep down it would break your partner's heart if you suggested cancelling your break away just to watch the likes of England versus Panama, Russia against Saudi Arabia and Egypt against Uruguay - but not to worry because there is still a way to watch the games on your caravan TV. Here are just a few tips to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Suitable sized motorhome TV

First things first, make sure you know what size television is already in your caravan - if it's an old style TV then you will not really enjoy watching the games on a small screen being unable to pick out who is playing who. Also, you won't have room for a brand new 50-inch plasma television either, that just won't fit in your motorhome and it's also highlighting the fact you have a massive top of the range screen in your caravan when you go out.

Just make sure it is of a reasonable size and fits on the side cabinet easily enough for you to watch the outcome of the matches - SPOILER ALERT - England go out in the knockout stages.

Make sure the TV is stable

Don't just think because you are on your holidays that you will be able to attach a flat screen television to your caravan wall and get away with it. Make sure your TV has the relevant stand so it can be placed safely and securely on your mantelpiece or breakfast bar to ensure it doesn't fall off and break - then you will definitely have no games to watch.

Make sure everything works

Just because you got the television out of the spare room and it worked fine last year, don't assume it will work in your caravan. Fully test to see if your device is working before transporting it from your home to become your new caravan television. There is nothing worse than packing something for your holiday, only to find out it doesn't work when you get there.

Make sure your Freeview picks up the right signal

Just because your caravan TV has been installed with all the Freeview channels, that doesn't necessarily mean you can pick up the one with World Cup matches on. You will still need some kind of aerial to be able to pick up the right signal. Don't just plug the television in and expect the picture to magically appear, ensure the correct cables and aerials are with your TV set before getting excited.

So as you can see, it is not just a case of picking up your caravan television and switching it on, there are a number of steps you need to take before you can settle down with a cold beer in your hand to watch the greatest sporting event the world - and none of them includes getting permission from your wife, that is up to you. The World Cup gets underway on June 14 and comes to an end on July 15 - so enjoy.