Top Tips for Caravanning with Kids

A caravan holiday can be the most enjoyable and memorable experience in a child's life. They have greater freedom and opportunities to try new challenges. Plus make many new friends.

However getting there and setting up can be a bit of a challenge and stressful for even the most laid back parents.

Amber Leisure has put together some useful tips to help parents caravanning with children:-

·      Getting there - any journey with children can be challenging, with the dreaded question' are we nearly there?' coming up at increasingly regular intervals. Many parents resort to using modern technology like DVD players, smart phones and other hand held devices to keep their children occupied but sometimes they get bored with them. It is then that we need to think back to the games we played as children on a journey- I spy, counting cars of a particular colour in 5 minutes, collecting the names on Eddie Stobart trucks, who can make their boiled sweet last the longest, or spotting certain reg. plates on car e.g. 65 plates.

·      Whether you are buying or hiring a caravan make sure it has all you require to suit your needs. Getting an awning to extend the covered space available to you is a great idea for eating in, relaxing in, to escape the sun or rain and storing large items like bikes.

·      Chose a campsite that is family friendly- many sites now have swimming pools, play grounds and organised activities to keep the kids occupied.

·      Limit the toys - children will spend most of their time playing outside with new friends, joining in activities or using the site’s facilities. A few board games, jigsaws, cards and colouring books with crayons take up very little space but are great for wet days and in the evenings.

If you have any tips for caravanning with kids, why not share them via the Amber Leisure Facebook page