Top Caravan Holiday Activities

When it comes to caravan holidays most of us think about the freedom of being able to relax and enjoy the beautiful UK countryside.

But what are the favourite activities of caravan holiday-makers?

In a recent survey static caravan and lodge owners were asked to name their top activity when on their caravan holidays.

Here are the results:-

Walking, with or without a dog, was the outright winner in the poll. Most of us want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air when we are on holiday because in a working week many of us struggle to find the time.

 The luxury of time is possible why many people enjoy relaxing and sitting on the veranda when they are on holiday. It is an opportunity to curl up with a good book or to just ‘be’.

Sightingseeing and Exploring are also very popular activities. The beauty of owning a caravan is the opportunity to visit new and interesting places in different areas from your other home.

Visiting local restaurants to sample local delicacies is another favourite pastime on holiday.

One of the best things about a lodge or static caravan is meeting and making new friends. Socialising and spending time with new friends can be very enjoyable and relaxing.

As most caravans and lodges have a bit of garden around them the enjoyment of Gardening can be very therapeutic, particularly for city dwellers or people who do not have a garden back home.

Geo-caching and Munzee, which is a phone based scavenger hunt, have both increased in popularity in recent years and it is an excellent way to get out and explore the countryside.

Finally, a great number of people have special interests and hobbies and being able to do these things when they are on holiday, is important. People will choose sites and areas to suit these hobbies and interests. The most popular activities are cycling, fishing, birdwatching and rock climbing.

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