Spring Clean Your Caravan


  As the weather begins to improve and we get closer to the Easter break, many caravaners will be planning their first trip of the year. However before you set off it is a good idea to check your caravan over for signs of any damage or problems that may have arisen over the winter that could spoil that first outing

Check the following

·       The tyres- for cracks and bulges and replace if necessary

·       The wheel nuts are tightened properly and not showing signs of rust

·       Signs of leaks around windows, doors and skylights

·       Signs of damp on the upholstery. Using a dehumidifier will quickly dry out a damp caravan

·       The Security alarms are working properly

·       The expiry date on the fire extinguisher and replace if necessary

·       The wheel clamps and hitch lock for signs of wear and damage

·       The road lights are operational and buy a set of spare bulbs.

·       The caravan insurance is up to date

It is also a good idea to book your caravan or motorhome in for a service which may highlight any potential problems that require attention.

Finally a good spring clean will ensure your caravan or motorhome is in the best condition for your holiday.

 Caravan Exterior

·       Wash down the exterior of the caravan with warm soapy water. Use a sponge and a long handle brush for the roof

·       Polishing will give the exterior a protective coating and extra shine

·       Use a small soft bristle brush for cleaning awning channel

·       Clean the windows

Caravan Interior

·       Spring clean the inside of your caravan as you would clean  a room in the house

·       Thoroughly flush the water system, and then clean with proprietary steriliser.

·       Clean the toilet with a toilet bowl cleaner

·       Check the hob is working properly

·       Check the fridge is working properly

·       Check the gas bottle to make sure you have sufficient supply

·       Check all light bulbs are working

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