Road Safety Week – Guide to Driving a Motorhome

Each year Brake, the road safety charity, coordinates Road Safety week. This is UK's biggest road safety event and the aim is to inspire thousands of schools, organisations and communities to take action on road safety issues and promote life-saving messages. This year Road Safety Week is 20-26 November and the theme is ‘Speed Down, Save Lives’

Speeding is a major problem in the UK and causes unnecessary suffering to many families, so this year’s theme is designed to encourage everyone to think about the dangers and potential consequences of driving too fast.

When driving a motorhome there are special rules and legal requirements that should be observed to drive safely.

As Road Safety Week is this week, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the rules and regulations that you should follow when driving your motorhome.


1.     You must be over 25 and under 70, plus you should have had a full driving licence for 3 years.

2.     If your driving licence was obtained before the 1st of January 1997, you will have a Category B licence which permits you to drive vehicles up to a gross mass weight of 7500 kgs.

3.     If your licence was issued after that date you are only allowed to drive motorhomes that weigh less than 3500 kgs. unless you have an LGV.

4.     If you are going to drive your motorhome abroad, you will need to check the specific requirements of the countries you intend to visit, as different countries have various limitations that the licence holder must fulfil.

5.     Your insurance must also cover you for driving a motorhome.


1.     Remember the size of your vehicle, both the width and the height will be greater than a normal car. Allow room on the near side to avoid clipping mirrors and over hanging trees

2.     Keep your speed down and avoid any sudden manoeuvres.

3.     Because of the size of a motorhome you will require a wider angle when turning.

4.     Get help when you need to reverse


For your own peace of mind, if you have any questions or concerns about driving your motorhome, get in touch with the friendly, helpful team at Amber Leisure.