Kids Summer Activities for Caravanners

Lots of families will be heading on a caravan holiday this summer. Instead of letting kids get bored, plan ahead and have some great activities organised to keep the kids entertained on a caravan holiday.

Quick fixes- board games, books, puzzles and card games work well on rainy days or to keep the children entertained later on in the day near bedtime. They are perfect for in a caravan because they require very little space. E readers are also a brilliant alternative to having heavy books taking up space.

Kid’s Clubs- many caravan parks now have organised activities such as talent shows, discos, football tournaments, arts and crafts sessions etc. There is usually something to suit all age groups and they will provide your children with endless hours of fun, plus they will make lots of friends. So it is worth investigating whether a kids club is available on the site before you book.

Activities you organise –

·       Beach games - Children always love it when Mum and Dad join in activities and beach game are perfect for everyone. Cricket, rounders, football, volley ball and badminton require very little in the way of equipment and are great for getting everyone involved.

·       Competitions – sand castle building -the biggest wins, photograph- the most interesting photo of the day, decorating a sun hat- prettiest wins. Prizes aren’t necessary but if you do give things, keep it small.

·       Nature trails – children love nature and turning a walk into a nature trail will help to keep their interest. If they take a small camera, notepad and pencil they can take photos or draw interesting plants and insects which they can identify later. Some children love collecting things like fallen leaves, pine cones, conkers or take bark rubbings and others might just want to build a den.

·       Rock pooling or crabbing – Children will spend hours in rock pools looking at all the different sea creatures or collecting crabs

·       Kite flying – if the conditions are right this is another activity that will occupy the kids for a while


If you have any ideas for kid activities while on holiday, why not share them via the Amber Leisure Facebook page.