Guide to Keeping Your Caravan Secure

Opportunist thieves and vandals are everywhere, so just like protecting your car and home; you need to ensure your caravan is kept secure at all times.

Here are some basic precautions:-

1.     Ensure all windows and roof lights are securely closed and doors are locked, even if you’re just popping out for a few minutes.

2.     Take any valuables with you when you go out and leave curtains open. If you do leave valuables in the caravan then lock them away out of sight.

3.     Keep a photographic record at home of the interior and exterior of your caravan, in particular any identifying marks.

4.     Register your caravan with CRiS, the National Register of UK touring caravan keepers.

5.     Ensure your vehicle identification number (VIN) is etched on each window.

6.     Always immobilise your caravan.

7.     Choose to use Police Approved campsites whenever possible.

8.     Ensure you have your caravan insured.

 For added security, consider some or all of the following:-

1.     Fit Locks - there are two main types –

·       Hitch locks secure your car to your caravan, this is ideal for when you’re on site or when you’re stopped at service stations on route.

·       Wheel locks, these are similar to wheel clamps, they fit around the wheel and lock to the brake assembly. These can be very effective as an anti-theft device and as a deterrent.


2.     Fit Security Alarms such as motion sensors to all external doors and windows.

3.     Fit a tracker to the caravan so that if the worst does happen it will make it easier to recover your caravan. Fitting a tracker can also help to significantly lower your insurance premiums.

During the Winter or whenever you leave your caravan for a prolonged period of time, whether it’s in a storage space, on a caravan site or on your drive ensure that the contents of your caravan, in particular valuables are removed. Leave all curtains and blinds open as well as cupboard doors, this will make it clear to thieves that your caravan is empty. Also ensure you use wheel locks.

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