Guide to caravan care in winter


For some hardy souls closing their caravan up for the winter just doesn’t occur to them, they use their caravan all though the year. However, once the last glimpses of autumn have gone, most caravan owners will be happy to close up their caravan until the following spring.

Here are a few tips to ensure your caravan remains in great condition during the winter and is ready to use again, once the harshest weather has disappeared.

·       Store van safely at the end of the season either at home or in a special storage site.

·       Clean the exterior of the van.

·       Cover the van to protect the van during the harshest weather.

·       Ensure all vents are left uncovered to allow air movement.

·       Internally clean thoroughly using antibacterial cleaner and remove all food from cupboards to ensure the caravan is fresh and free of insect and rodent infestations next year.

·       Water is a major problem and can cause frozen pipes, condensation and mildew. Ensure all water is drained out of pipes and consider using an air system to flush out pipes so water is drained completely.

·       Remove all soft furnishings like cushions and bedding that absorb moisture and store at home.

·       Stand the mattress on its end to allow air to circulate freely around most of it.

·       Place bags of silica gel in each room to absorb moisture in the air.

·       Leave cupboard and fridge doors slightly open to allow air to circulate.

·       Treat lockers and latches with WD40 to keep them in good working order.

·       Remove all valuables like TV’s, DVD players and other portable equipment.

·       Turn off and disconnect bottled gas supply.

·       Switch off electrical supply.


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