Christmas in Your Caravan

This time of year many people pack up things in their caravan and put them into storage until next year when the weather beginning to improve again.

However the modern caravan is designed to be well equipped and insulated for use in all seasons. So more and more people are opting to get away and spend the big day in the peace and quiet of the beautiful UK countryside.

These days many caravan sites are open all year round. However do check that the site you have chosen is fully functioning to provide all the basic utilities. Campsites will be much less crowded in the winter months; thus offering a tranquil haven in which to enjoy the natural scenery whether that is by the coast, in the mountains, on the moors or by a lake.

Here are a few tips and advice for anyone planning to spend this Christmas in their caravan;

·       Gas Supplies – it is vital to ensure you have enough gas for your trip, to keep you warm, to provide hot water and for cooking.

·       Food supplies – stock up with plenty of food for the holiday period. Site shops and local shops may not be open. Plus in more remote locations a big supermarket may be difficult to reach if the weather closes in.

·       Bedding – take extra blankets and duvets to remain cosy and warm as the temperature will drop dramatically during the night.

·       Clothing - have plenty of warm clothes. Wear several thin layers for insulation e.g. a vest top and a t-shirt or thin jumper under a fleece; thermal legging under trousers; 2 pairs of socks. You can always take off a layer if you are too warm!

·       Outdoor clothing – part of the reason for being away at this time of year will be to enjoy walking in the countryside, but do be prepared for the harsh outdoor conditions. Pack wellington boots, walking boots, thermal clothing, waterproof jacket and trousers, hats, scarves, gloves, etc.

·       Add a little festive sparkle – a small Christmas tree and some fairy lights will help create a festive mood