Choose The Right Vehicle for Your Adventure

Travelling United Kingdom

If you go on numerous holidays throughout the UK it may be worth investing in a caravan. A caravan won’t restrict your holiday destination, as you are able to transport the vehicle on the back of your car. You can still create spontaneous weekends away throughout the country without having to book far in advance.

Having the option to travel the country at your leisure is a huge positive when you have a caravan. However, if you are wanting to travel further than a few hours, we would recommend a motorhome. You will not only reach your destination faster, you are able to venture outside of the UK and start travelling parts of the world!

Travelling Europe

Whether you are travelling through Europe or a singular country, we would advise you to choose a motorhome. Not only will you be able to travel each area at your own pace, you will save the hassle of booking into hotels. This is ultimately a stress-free option as you have no time restrictions to stick to. If you are enjoying time in a certain village/country, all you have to do is talk with whoever you are travelling and just like that, you can stay an extra day or two.  

Family Holiday

Many people have a favourite holiday destination, and prefer to stay in a place that feels more spacious and homely which is why they opt for a static caravan. If you have found your perfect getaway and know you will be returning often, then a static caravan is the perfect option for you.

Regardless of whether you prefer exploring or sticking to the same destination, one thing that stays the same, the vehicle you choose becomes your second home. It becomes a place where memories are made, which is why we at Amber Leisure want to make sure you choose a vehicle best fit for your needs.

If you have any questions or queries, we are just one phone call away!