Caravan Holiday Checklist


As carefree and enjoyable as caravan holidays are, there are still a lot of things to check over before you set off on a caravan holiday.

To help ensure that you remembered everything we have put together a checklist which we hope will keep you safe, and save you time and money, because if things do get overlooked or go wrong it can be dangerous and very costly.

Inside the caravan ensure:

1.     All windows and roof vents are securely closed and locked

2.     All items are safely stowed  in cupboards and doors are locked

3.     The fridge contents are secured and the fridge door is locked

4.     Internal cargo like bikes and loose furniture are secured and evenly distributed

5.     Fresh and waste-water containers  are empty

6.     Entrance door secured and locked


Preparing the outside of the caravan before towing:

1.     Turn off gas cylinders and secure

2.     Retract TV aerial  and satellite dish 


Connecting the tow car to the caravan:

3.     Check the caravan handbrake is on and chock the wheels if the caravan is on a slope

4.     Lower the jockey wheel and lock it in place

5.     Raise the corner steadies

6.     Check the caravan’s nose weight

7.     Adjust the hitch height so it goes above the car’s towball

8.     Remove the towball cover on the car’s towball

9.     Reverse the car to the caravan

10.  Secure the hitch on the towball

11.  Check coupling head fully engaged on the towball (green indicator visible) or use the jockey wheel to raise the car to make sure it is properly coupled

12.  Stow the jockey wheel

13.  Connect the electrical plug

14.  Check the road lights and indicators are working

15.  Ensure stabilisers are engaged     

16.  Attach breakaway cable to tow car correctly

17.  Check the caravan handbrake is fully released and remove all chocks


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